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Ginger has been used in cooking and medicine since ancient times. Recent studies have shown that regular consumption of this spice may have some positive cancer fighting benefits as well as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on the digestive system. For that reason, Ginger has been chosen as Superfood #3 in our list of Rhizocol ingredients. The following studies will provide additional information related to the health benefits of Ginger: 


The Amazing and Mighty Ginger 

Biological properties of 6-gingerol: a brief review 

Cancer preventive properties of ginger: a brief review 

Comparative antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of [6]-gingerol, [8]-gingerol, [10]-gingerol and [6]-shogaol 

Anti-Oxidative and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Ginger in Health and Physical Activity: Review of Current Evidence 

Gingerol suppresses colon cancer growth by targeting leukotriene A4 hydrolase 

Chemopreventive efficacy of ginger, a naturally occurring anticarcinogen during the initiation, post-initiation stages of 1,2 dimethylhydrazine-induced colon cancer 

** Note, Turmeric and Ginger are known to be natural blood thinners.  If you are currently taking any kind of blood thinner, please consult your physician before taking Rhizocol.